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Leadership Coaching

Leaders in social institutions, especially in middle management, are often exposed to great pressure and stress as they have to share and justify decisions and results both one side (management, executive board, sponsor) and the other side (staff, team) in the corporate hierarchy. This is a major challenge for many and contributes to the initial euphoria giving way and the pressure to succeed increasing.

Familiar questions from managers for business coaching:

  • Why do I find it so difficult to distance myself?

  • Why are my suggestions for improvement ignored by my boss?

  • How do I conduct unpleasant staff appraisals?

  • What can I do when employees are often sick or quit?

  • How do I take the pressure and stress out of my job?

Services in detail for managers:

  • Leadership development

  • Communication training

  • Conflict coaching

  • Goal coaching

  • Teambuilding

Your benefit and profit as a leader:

  • Instead of pressure & stress, more energy and increasing satisfaction

  • Clear direction for you, your team or department

  • Personal and professional development through focus on results

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