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Pure Joy And Happiness

S.A.B. Sports Academy Berlin UG

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Welcome to Sports Academy Berlin, a proud partner of Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature School gGmbH. The mission is to provide a stimulating academic environment alongside a contemporary athletic program.


At S.A.B., we inspire students to embrace challenges, collaborate effectively, and persevere through life's obstacles. We prioritize high-quality education while offering athletes, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to enhance their soccer and basketball abilities through individual and team training.


Committed to excellence, S.A.B. offers performance assessments for student athletes, connecting them to our network of expert sports and education partners. We tailor action plans to advance your goals with innovative solutions. Our doors are open to international student athletes, girls and boys, from 7th to 12th grade, inviting them to the historic heart of Berlin, Germany.


Come join us to experience German culture, learn the language, and embark on a journey of academic and athletic growth at Sports Academy Berlin!

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