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Health & Safety

The following points are intended to give a brief overview of safety in the BCS Forest School & Nature Classroom, as the well-being of the children and adults is of paramount importance to us.


In order to create a safe exploration environment within the BCS Forest School, danger spots in the forest must be eliminated. An annual inspection takes place with a forester and if necessary, broken wood and/or dangerous trees are cut accordingly.


First Aid

Our educators are trained in first aid and carry first aid equipment and a mobile phone with them when they go on forest days into the forest.


Fresh water and a wash basin are available. Water canisters, soap and towels are carried on excursions. There are toilets on site for use by children and adults.



Children and adults entering the forest should wear long clothing with head coverings and must be checked for ticks by parents after the kindergarten day in the forest.

Insect bites or stings

Preventive measures here can be to avoid sweet foods and to always keep drinking bottles closed. Natural repellents can also be used.


Climbing trees

A possible selection is made by the forester, the maximum climbing height here is 3 meters, as with playground equipment.

In the forest, natural fall protection is provided by bark mulch.

Rules of conduct for the children (not conclusive)

  • The children must always remain within sight and hearing distance.

  • No forest fruits may be put in the mouth or eaten

  • There is to be no touching tame wild animals, droppings and carcasses

  • Only climbing trees approved by the forester may be climbed.

  • Wear sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the forest.

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