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Make It Happen!

EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH

EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH, based in Berlin, Germany, proudly serves as the dedicated sponsor of the BCS Mitte Campi. Committed to fostering educational excellence, all collaborate closely with BC Nature School gGmbH as valued partner organizations. Together, we are dedicated to providing enriching educational experiences for children and families, along with comprehensive training programs for teachers. Our shared mission is to contribute towards a world marked by harmony and knowledge, guided by the principles of peace and unity.

Spiela! Sportmanagement GmbH

Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan e.V.

Welcome to Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan e.V., a proud partner of Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature School gGmbH! We are thrilled to connect with you.


At Central Hoops, we present a sports club with a fresh perspective. Our mission is to cultivate an exhilarating and distinctive sports community that fosters awareness, learning, and family engagement. We believe in creating a home away from home, where you can stay fit, relish quality family time, and make lasting memories.


Join us in embracing life's joys—family, sports, and the simple pleasures—at Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan e.V.!

Die Müggelseeperle GmbH

At the heart of our partnership with Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature School gGmbH lies a passion for street football. Our journey began by celebrating the energy and creativity found in the streets of metropolises. Beyond organizing thrilling competitions, we are also a player advisory agency, providing holistic support to talented footballers. Our experienced player agents collaborate closely to nurture career development and optimize opportunities in the football market. With a vision to actively shape the future of football, we aim to transform street football enthusiasts into successful players. Join us in promoting and celebrating the unique culture of street football through our events, scouting, gamification, and professional player advisory services.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding this partner of Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature School gGmbH. Enveloped by dense mixed forests, the legendary Müggelberge mountains, and serene waters, our location offers a picturesque setting. Experience the enchantment of encountering deer or wild boar during your morning jog. For a unique perspective on the friendly wildlife, consider a one-hour Müggelsee tour. As the sun sets behind the Müggelberge, the landscape takes on a romantic hue, with dusk settling in and mist rising over the lake, creating an atmosphere that may evoke the tales of Müggelwitches coming to life.


To truly savor the tranquility of the landscape, embark on a peaceful bike tour around Lake Müggelsee. As the day winds down, indulge in relaxation at our sauna area or perhaps opt for some friendly competition at our bowling alley. Whether seeking serenity or adventure, our partner's location offers a perfect blend of nature and leisure.

S.A.B. Sports Academy Berlin UG

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Welcome to Sports Academy Berlin, a proud partner of Berlin Cosmopolitan Nature School gGmbH. The mission is to provide a stimulating academic environment alongside a contemporary athletic program.


At S.A.B., we inspire students to embrace challenges, collaborate effectively, and persevere through life's obstacles. We prioritize high-quality education while offering athletes, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to enhance their soccer and basketball abilities through individual and team training.


Committed to excellence, S.A.B. offers performance assessments for student athletes, connecting them to our network of expert sports and education partners. We tailor action plans to advance your goals with innovative solutions. Our doors are open to international student athletes, girls and boys, from 7th to 12th grade, inviting them to the historic heart of Berlin, Germany.


Come join us to experience German culture, learn the language, and embark on a journey of academic and athletic growth at Sports Academy Berlin!

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