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Tue, 08 Oct



Headteachers Seminar

The workshop spans three days, each focusing on a different aspect of educational leadership.

Headteachers Seminar
Headteachers Seminar

Time & Location

08 Oct 2024, 09:00 – 10 Oct 2024, 16:00

Berlin, Müggelheimer Damm 145, 12559 Berlin, Germany

About The Event

The workshop spans three days, each focusing on a different aspect of educational leadership.

  • Day 1 delves into Diversity and Inclusion, emphasizing understanding diversity's role in education, fostering inclusivity within school communities, and developing cultural competence.
  • Day 2 tackles Managing Work Pressure, covering stress sources in education, building resilience, achieving work-life balance, and implementing support systems for educators.
  • Day 3 is about Promoting Your School, including crafting your school's narrative, using digital platforms effectively, engaging stakeholders, and organizing open days. The day wraps up with action planning, peer sharing, reflection, and a closing ceremony.

Day 1: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Morning Session:

- Introduction to Diversity: Understanding the concept of diversity and its significance in education.

- The Inner Circle and Outer World: Exploring the dynamics of inclusivity within school communities amidst diverse societal contexts.

Afternoon Session:

- Creating Inclusive Environments: Strategies for fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all students, staff, and families.

- Cultural Competence Training: Building skills to effectively navigate and appreciate diverse cultural backgrounds.

Day 2: Managing Work Pressure in Education

Morning Session:

- Understanding Work Pressure: Examining the sources and impacts of stress and burnout in educational settings.

- Building Resilience: Strategies for enhancing personal and team resilience to manage work pressures effectively.

Afternoon Session:

- Work-Life Balance: Practical approaches to achieving a healthy work-life balance amidst the demands of school leadership.

- Support Systems for Educators: Implementing support structures and resources to alleviate work pressure and promote staff wellbeing.

Day 3: Promoting Your School Effectively

Morning Session:

- Crafting Your School's Narrative: Identifying and articulating your school's unique value proposition.

- Utilizing Digital Platforms: Leveraging social media and online resources to showcase your school's achievements and ethos.

- Engaging with Stakeholders: Techniques for building positive relationships with parents, local communities, and educational partners.

- Open Day Planning Workshop: Practical tips for organizing successful open days and events to attract prospective students and families (or teachers?).

Afternoon: Putting It All Together

- Action Planning: Reflecting on key learnings from the course and identifying actionable steps to implement within your school community.

- Peer Sharing and Feedback: Sharing insights and experiences with fellow school leaders and providing constructive feedback.

- Final Reflection and Evaluation: Assessing personal growth and development throughout the course and setting goals for continued professional improvement.

- Closing Ceremony: Certificates of completion and farewell remarks.


  • Seminar


    +€7.50 service fee



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